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Hello Winter, Goodbye Dry Hair!

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If you're looking for tips on hair care for dry hair, you've come to an expert! I’ve always had extremely dry hair. The constant use of hair dryers certainly doesn’t help. Add to that the drying effects of winter air, and the unavoidable heating indoors, and we have the perfect recipe for dry, brittle hair! As such, I’ve been on a quest for the best tips and practices to keep my hair well-moisturized in this cold weather.

Tip 1: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Condition your hair weekly with conditioners containing glycerin or other humectants. Humectants lock in the moisture in your hair, fighting off the dryness of winter, heating, and blow drying. I personally make my own spray moisturizer with vegetable glycerin and coconut oil. However there are many great conditioners on the market which can serve the same purpose and be better-tailored to different hair types. Hot oil treatments also do a great job of restoring its moisture and luster to dry hair.

Tip 2: Switch your styling gel for a cream
Styling creams are often a better substitute for styling your hair during the winter than styling gels. They tend to add more moisture to the hair, and make it more pliable, which helps reduce drying and breakage.

Tip 3: Avoid hair products with high alcohol content
Alcohol has a tendency to dry the hair and leave it brittle and dull. It is therefore especially important to avoid styling products with a high content of alcohol during the winter. Likewise, avoiding putting fragrance and perfumes directly on the hair is recommended, as they also have high alcohol contents.

Tip 4: Cut down on hair dryer usage
Hair dryers are notorious for drying out hair. It is always recommended to limit their usage, but this is especially true during the winter. One way to reduce the amount of time your wet hair spends under a blow dryer is to first thoroughly blot out your hair with a towel to remove as much of the water as possible. Then, use your blow dryer to finish the job, stopping as soon as your hair is dry.

Tip 5: Use natural shampoos
Natural hair products have become very popular over the past years. Natural shampoos can be especially kind to your hair during the harsh winter. Using natural products like Shea butter, which is also great for the skin, does wonders for even the driest, most damaged hair, and is a favorite of many professional hair stylists such as Jamal Hammadi.

Tip 6: Protective styling
Finger combing and hair twirling, as tempting and cute as they may be, do not do hair any good. In fact, constant manipulating the hair can literally suck the moisture out of it. Use protective styles such as the top knot, braids, or any other hair styles that safely protect your hair from yourself! This will also help to prevent your hair from drying out.

Hopefully, with these useful tips, we can weather the harshness of winter and keep our hair moisturized and healthy until the beautiful spring days.


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