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Dry Hair Shampoo and Anti-Frizz Recipes – All From Your Kitchen

If you have some ingredients lying around the kitchen and don’t see what palatable dish you could possibly put together by combining them, why not check out some organic DIY hair and skin recipes? Here are two easy recipes made of all natural ingredients. Treat your hair to some healthy goodness!

Shampoo for dry hair

Is your hair drier than the Sahara desert? If so, then this easy shampoo recipe is sure to help restore and seal moisture into your locks. Here is some useful information about the ingredients it contains.

Liquid Castile Soap: Castile soap is a natural, olive-oil based soap. Olive oil is the fat extracted from olives and is a great aliment for the body, hair and skin. As a food, it has many health benefits. For the skin, it can be a remedy for acne, and can even be used in ointments to treat diaper rashes. Olive oil natural soap and skincare products are gentle cleansers that moisturize the skin without stripping it of all its natural oil. Rich in omega-6-fat, it deeply moisturizes the hair inside out, and locks in the moisture.

Vegetable Glycerine: Also known as Glycerol, is a fat extracted from plants. It is commonly used as a food sweetener, as well as in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. What makes vegetable glycerine so great for moisturizing hair is that it is a hygroscopic substance, or a humectant. In other words, it absorbs moisture for the air and locks it in your hair.

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera has been used as a medicinal herb since the first century AD. It is well-known for its moisturizing and healing properties.

Avocado Oil: Avocado is a fruit found in a tree originating from Mexico and Central America. Rich in monounsaturated fats, potassium, folic acid, fiber and various vitamins, it has many health and cosmetic benefits. It is often used in natural soap products to nourish, moisturize and soften the skin. As far as hair is concerned, avocado is very good at nourishing and restoring its moisture.

Now on to our recipe!

1/4 cup liquid castile soap
1/4 cup organic aloe vera gel
1 teaspoon pure vegetable glycerin
1/4 teaspoon organic avocado oil or other light organic vegetable oil

1. Mix together all the ingredients in a bottle.

2. Always shake well before using.

3. Apply generously to the hair from root to tip

4. Allow to rest for a few minutes.

5. Rinse well with cool water.

Frizzy hair no more!

Hair woes never come in singles, but rather are always in multiples. Hence, with dry hair often comes fizz as well. Here is a recipe which will not fail to de-frizz your hair-do.

Honey: Honey is a natural food made by bees using flower nectar. It is used in foods, in cosmetics and in pharmaceuticals, as its anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties are well-known. Furthermore, honey has hygroscopic properties, meaning it absorbs moisture directly from the air. This is great for frizzy hair, because frizz is partially caused by dryness.

Almond Oil: Almonds come from a tree found in the Middle East and South Asia. Almond oil, extracted from its seeds, is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid, linoleic acid and saturated fatty acid. It is a powerful emollient for the skin and hair and acts to moisturize the hair as well, keep frizz at bay.

1/2 cup good organic hair conditioner
1/4 cup pure honey
1 tablespoon organic almond oil

1. Thoroughly mix and blend all the ingredients together.

2. Spray your hair with water mister to dampen it.

3. Work mixture through thoroughly.

4. Leave on for 20 minutes.

5. Shampoo.

With these two easy DIY hair products, you are well armed to defeat dry hair and frizz during the winter as well as other times of the year. And the best thing? You know exactly what’s going on your head and can make it yourself at home in just a few minutes! Enjoy!

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