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Matrix Biolage Holiday Shampoo & Conditioner Duo - makes a great gif!


  • Matrix Biolage Shampoo 13.5oz

  • Matrix Biolage Conditioner 13.5 oz

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  • Formulas available: ColorLast, VolumeBloom, ExquisiteOil, KeratinDose, RepairInside, FiberStrong, HydraSource



Leave de-saturated color in the past. These state of the art formulas and products for color treated hair, inspired by nature, help protect and preserve your hair, balance out moisture and even out the hair’s surface for well saturated, shiny, vibrant color that lasts longer.



Quench and hydrate dry, thirsty hair with state of the art formulas that are inspired by nature and mimic the moisture maintaining properties of the Aloe Plant. The hair’s hydration levels are optimized by the absorption and retention techniques of these moisturizing hair care products.



Introduce volume and body to limp lifeless hair with these volumizing hair care products, With state of the art formulas inspired by nature that mimic the unrepressed properties of the Cotton Flower. Hair is plumped and expanded with long lasting bouncy volume by increasing inter fiber space, creating the perfect look.



Minimize outer cuticle damage caused by mechanical and external aggressors. Hair will be up to 12x stronger after only one use




For chemically processed hair that is exhausted of protein and moisture. Hair will be up to 90% more conditioned after only one use



For severely damaged hair that requires reconstructing from the inside out. Hair will be up to 75% repaired after only one use


Exquisite Oil

The perfect oil to satisfy every hair need.Three unique Exquisite Oil formulas, each specifically designed to strengthen  thin, limp hair, tame and make thick, coarse hair more manageable or shield hair from dulling variables. With this product less is more, just a touch is enough for a total transformation.


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